Open Notebook

Join Kajak Games

Why and how to apply for a membership

Kajak Games is a cooperative company which means that anyone can apply for a membership and in that way support the company operations and access the membership benefits. The membership is mainly designed for Kajaani UAS game development students but that doesn't mean someone else could not join.


The membership fee is 35€ and with that you are a member for life. If you someday decide to renounce your membership you will get your money back. Currently by applying to Kajak Games you will access the following benefits:

  • Publication service - We will publish your game on our publication channels, taken that your game will fill our quality standards. Don't hesitate to contact us about your project!

  • Quality Assurance - You can book quality assurance sessions for your game that will be run by our QA team. QA-sessions will provide you the developer, a valuable data about your game.

  • Commissions - You can take up on commissions that are coming through Kajak Games to earn extra income and get working experience.

  • Other minor benefits like:

    • At times a chance to attend to conference trips​

    • Getting tickets to various industry events (Assembly Summer, #XmasJKL etc.) with discounted price

    • Puolenkuun Pelit order discount

If you want to join Kajak Games as a member, please download the application form from the link below, fill it and return it to our mailbox at Kajaani UAS, Taito 1 building, or digitally as PDF to

You will be sent an invoice for the membership fee when the board has handled the application.