What is Kajak Esports?

KAJAK Esports facilitates esports content at a national and global level. Our goal is to create a space for esports enthusiasts to create, share, and participate in content to build and strengthen the Finnish esports culture.

What do we do?
  • We organize large scale events.

  • We act as a student project accelerator.

  • We produce esports content.

  • We form and train competitive rosters.

  • We support education (field trips, gathering industry speakers, finding thesis/practical training opportunities, etc.)

  • We organize trips to events, LANs, etc.

Who can join our community?

Everyone with interest in esports or gaming is welcome to become part of our community! You can join our community, participate in our organized events, or approach us with project/event ideas.

We are looking for content creators to join our brand or work as an affiliate on Twitch or YouTube. Our content is not limited to esports and can be related to gaming in general, art, lifestyle, and education.

We are also seeking players who are interested in competing in a structured team environment. We can offer guidance, coaching, and management to players and teams competing in various esports titles including but not limited to CS:GO, LoL, Valorant, and Fighting Games.

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Have a great idea but are ensure how to turn it into a complete project plan? Wondering where to find teammates, guidance, or funding? Email us at kajakesports@kamk.fi to learn more about our Project Accelerator right here on campus!

Where to find us
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