Kajak Games

Kajak Games Osk (Co-op) is a video game publishing company operating in Kajaani, Finland. Our main mission is to publish games created by the students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, while also helping them with quality assurance, testing and marketing. In addition to game publishing, we host multiple types of events for the students of Kajaani UAS and other third-parties. We also take third-party commissions and work as an intermediary between the contractor and our members.

Who we are

The people behind Kajak Games

Kajak Games is composed of an operative team, a board and of course the members itself. The operative team is completely made up of Kajaani UAS students which makes our organization unique by giving students a lot of responsibility to run a company. The board is made of more experienced students and industry entrepreneurs who offer their guidance to the operative team. The members themselves are composed of former and current students of the UAS and local entrepreneurs in Kajaani.

Our Mission

When the game development education was starting in Kajaani UAS, there were limited ways for students to publish their games. To fix this, a group of students started a company operating inside the university, so that new students could publish their games without creating a company themselves. The work has been continued to this day for the benefit of the game development students.